Taking environment seriously

We provide industry-recognised expertise in all aspects of environmental assessment, planning and consenting. Our environment is increasingly recognised as playing a crucial role in our wellbeing, and we strive to give tailored, considered and evidence-based advice to our clients for more sustainable, less risk solutions.

Assessing a major project through the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process, or an emerging policy, plan or programme through Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) requires a breadth of knowledge across multiple environmental disciplines and an objective, systematic and proportionate approach to analysis and assessment.

We regularly identify, instruct and co-ordinate multi-disciplinary teams of specialists to advise our clients from across multiple sectors on baseline studies and key development sensitivities. Our technical expertise and experience engenders confidence in the approach to, and outcomes from, our assessment. We regularly provide formal review services on assessments submitted by third parties for Local Authorities and other bodies and are therefore very familiar with best practice. We also embrace digital data solutions where it adds further value.

Identification of clear, concise and early environmental design and management goals at the outset and building consensus with the local community and statutory bodies as far as is practicable makes the planning and consenting process more efficient, saves costly and time consuming redesigning. It also improves the chances of a successful and more sustainable planning and business outcome.

Our approach to Environmental services

Our environmental management services and solutions are bespoke to each situation, and we bring a deep understanding of what our clients might need. This could involve providing Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMPs) and on-site support and monitoring to minimise risks and hazards during construction, or securing environmental permits for operational activities.

Key Contacts

Andrew Bryant Divisional Director - Major Infrastructure
David Hourd Senior Director - Environment
Simon Butler Senior Director - Environment
Thomas Smeeton Senior Director - Environment
James Sanders Senior Director - Environment & Planning