Rising to the challenge

Climate change is among the most important global challenge that we face. We work with a range of public and private sector organisations, in the UK and countries around the world.

Our clients include the Defra, AGIP, the Eritrean Roads Authority, the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority, and a number of large infrastructure development companies including HS2. Our work for each of these has involved tailored approaches, specifically designed to deliver individual project outcomes.

We offer a full range of climate change and carbon services, comprising:

  • Climate change mitigation: adaptation and In-combination Climate Impact (ICCI) assessments as part of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Carbon Accounting: collecting and collating emissions data to calculate carbon footprints
  • Carbon Verification: ensuring that carbon data has been correctly analysed and the right conclusions have been reached
  • Whole Life Carbon Assessments: assessing carbon emissions within the built environment; using a whole life approach
  • Circular Economy Statements: producing the statement and advising upon ways to incorporate circularity
  • Infrastructure Projects: facilitating the delivery of planning submissions and projects utilising the rail carbon and highway tool and supporting PAS2080 compliance
  • Building and Development Projects: using the OneClick LCA tool to lower associated emissions through the life of a project
  • Decarbonisation pathways and net zero strategies: we develop strategies for local planning authorities, organisations and a range of projects, including the development of science-based Targets

Our approach to Climate Change & Carbon Management

The longer the lifetime of development, the greater the uncertainty about the impact of climate change over time. Temple’s Climate Change and Carbon team include multidisciplinary consultants who can help quantify the potential impact, recommend mitigation measures, and carry out a cost-benefit analysis on a variety of projects.

Key Contacts

Dr Xiangyu Sheng Director - Air Quality, Climate & Carbon