A development partnership

Our aim is to help deliver value in sustainable and well-designed development.

By drawing on a wide range of in-house planning services and experts in their fields, we help influence policy and shape development. In this way we take advantage of what the planning system can offer, enabling clients to understand the planning benefits from their schemes and the positive influence they can have on the environment and society.

Rather than get stuck in the mundane, we look to work within our client’s design teams and take innovative approaches to the application of policy and the way in which a scheme can evolve. We utilise our wide-ranging experience across many sectors to distil what is important about projects and their design; how they can respond to and deliver current and emerging planning requirements and how their strategic goals, key features and scheme benefits are best communicated to the public and decision makers.

Working across the fields of town planning, infrastructure planning and design and with access to a large in-house team of social, economic and environmental experts, we have a highly successful track record in helping to deliver small, large and major development schemes as well as infrastructure projects and programmes. Our experience of working on many and varied applications under different planning regimes including planning permissions, orders and hybrid bills provides valuable insights and lessons.

Our approach to Planning and Design

At all stages of the planning cycle, we can provide important insights and interventions to realise better outcomes consistent with best practice. Our success is demonstrated by our long and growing client list, our retainers with many clients and the long-term and varied nature of our key client relationships.

Key Contacts

Mark Furlonger Senior Director - Planning & Design
Jenny Massingham Technical Director - Planning
Stephen Price Director - Environment & Planning
Aira Temporal Consultant Town Planner

Our Planning and Design Services: