But what does that really mean?

Our Vision and Purpose commit us, but we need to do something about that. Our business is interestingly positioned because acting sustainably is directly applicable to both our services and our operations, rather than an operation only focus or a ‘bolt-on’ to our core activities. This also means that our impact potential is both around eliminating negative impacts and maximising our opportunities for positive impacts. In many ways, our service impact potential is higher than our operational one.

To this end, we have a Sustainability Strategy, which is built on the premise of Zero Harm / Net Gain. This simple premise is then applied to everything we do and every significant decision we make.

Our strategy has 6 topics (our material impact areas) and within each of these, there are objectives aligned to either zero harm or net gain.

We have published our performance against the strategy here in the form of a Sustainability Impact Report.

Our management systems

We are committed to working systematically and our management systems act as enablers to our strategy.

Our business operates with an integrated management system certified to ISO 14001(environmental management), 45001 (occupational health and safety), and 9001 (quality).

Our certificate numbers are:

  • 14001 – 10000518956-UKAS-GBR
  • 45001 – 10000518959-UKAS-GBR
  • 9001 – 170851-2014-AQ-GBR-UKAS

We have associated policies for these which document and communicate our commitments.

Environmental Policy
Health and Safety Policy
Quality Policy

In addition, we have the following policies that are available upon request:

  • Sustainable Development Policy
  • Sustainable Travel Policy
  • Social Value Policy
  • Zero Carbon Policy. We are also signatories to the Pledge to Net Zero, specifically designed for the environmental sector committing to science-based targets to meet the UK’s 2050 Net Zero target.

B Corp

Aligned with our purpose we are proud to be a certified B Corp. To find out more visit our B Corp page.

Temple’s Carbon Footprint 

Key Contacts

Iain Audus Head of Sustainability and SHEQ