Trees and Urban Forestry

Trees are the beating heart of the urban environment. They offer significant benefits to the population and can enhance wildlife and human society positively. Trees contribute to our mental health and wellbeing and create a sense of community and placemaking as the keepers of time.

Designing tree cover to harmoniously connect with the urban environment requires a careful, considered approach. As society evolves, the importance of trees as essential infrastructure in towns and cities is ever more apparent.

Arboriculture and Urban Forestry at Temple combines a passion for the strategic integration of the urban tree population with the care and management of trees and recognises their contribution to society. The integration of trees is essential in creating future-proof, sustainable development, tackling climate and socio-economic issues in a resilient and robust way.

Temple offers a wealth of arboriculture and urban forestry knowledge and experience across a variety of sectors including large-scale residential and commercial developments and strategic infrastructure projects throughout the U.K. We have extensive experience of the pre-application planning requirements, construction and post-construction stages of development. Temple apply BS5837 guidance to projects whilst also incorporating the latest advances in technology. This provides site-specific advice, enabling a pragmatic approach to design and development whilst also ensuring compliance throughout a project.

Temple understands the importance of the infrastructure that keeps the country running. That’s why we apply the relevant utilities guidance in relation to trees, assist decision-making, and supervise works to ensure trees are protected throughout.

Tree pests and diseases are a threat to the U.K. economy. In response, Temple have developed a variety of assessments to ensure early detection, allowing action to be taken quickly to minimise risk to unaffected trees nearby.

Trees are also intrinsically linked to the mosaic of wildlife habitats that cover the U.K. Making space for nature and people to exist side-by-side draws on the wider Temple family to develop fully integrated strategies for individual projects that collectively deliver sustainable futures.

Our approach to Arboriculture

Temple’s arboriculture consultants are dedicated to urban forestry, emphasising the importance of trees in the urban landscape through identification of their many benefits to society and wildlife.

Key Contacts

Duncan Smith Associate Director
Dr Sarah Cox Divisional Director - Ecology