Collaboration is the heart of Temple and drives everything we do.

Temple collaborates to get the best from ourselves, our project partners and associates. We often base staff in client offices, or on site, to provide seamless delivery. We partner regularly with other technical consultants to provide bespoke and integrated solutions to all client needs. Our extensive associate network gives provides world-class expertise, supported logistically by our own staff to deliver value for money.

We routinely bring together the structures, processes and skills necessary to secure the benefits of multiple levels of integration. We share resources, skills, data, information and knowledge, and develop personal relationships as the mortar that holds individual project elements together. This is all conducted within a culture of respect, appreciation, understanding and awareness across disciplines and roles.

On a practical level, we use web-based tools to share information and work to collaborate on outputs. This facilitates integrated  remote working across locations, whether client premises, our offices, those of our project partners, or staff working from home in secure and confidential environments. We set unifying goals for projects that emphasise cooperation and collective success. We build trust through honest and transparent communications with all parties and promote diversity within project teams, so members can innovate by sharing ideas and providing creative breakthroughs. We work empathetically and focus on the ability to listen and respond with true understanding of the other’s points of view, working within psychologically safe environments to maximise learning, teaching and knowledge-sharing as our projects progress.