It’s all about access

Long gone are the days when information is restricted to those in the office or with specialist software. Using engaging apps and platforms, information can be liberated and made accessible to those who need it: for example project managers, decision-makers, stakeholders, and communities.  Such initiatives contribute to multiple points of value and can offer data longevity to a client.

At Temple, we design and deploy interactive web apps, data portals, and dashboards for a variety of users and audiences. Spatially-based project coordination and asset management portals accessed through web browsers allow data to be managed centrally and disseminated widely, culminating in inefficiencies and joined-up decision-making. A whole raft of tools can be embedded within platforms and hubs for stakeholder engagement and co-design with local communities. Data dashboards can provide real-time data at your fingertips.

Our approach to Application and Tool Development

Using our in-house Areal system we can open up access to data and information to aid collaboration and reduce the reliance on costly specialised software.

Key Contacts

Stephen Bell Associate Director - Digital
Joseph Edelman-Towns Principal Consultant- Digital