Temple’s Digital Delivery team continue to offer innovative support to the HS2 project

18.01.2019 2 min read

Temple’s Digital Delivery team continues to offer innovative support to the HS2 project as it builds momentum into 2019.  In order to deliver an infrastructure scheme on the scale of HS2, the right use of technology and data is imperative, to create efficiencies and bring people together.  Temple is proud to have worked closely with HS2 in the digital sphere for a number of years, including applying their SORTool to appraise the sustainability of over 25,000 km of potential route options to inform the production of Phase 2 Preferred Route between Birmingham and Manchester and Leeds.

In Autumn 2018, Temple, through the Mott MacDonald-WSP Joint Venture, were pleased to help HS2 with the production of their Working Draft ES Navigator.  The Navigator brings together various maps and documentation from the HS2 Phase 2b Working Draft Environmental Statement, and packages this, through ESRI Story Map technology, into a clear and easy to navigate information portal.  The result is an invaluable resource for stakeholders and the wider public to explore various aspects of the scheme in a way that is easily consumed and understood.  Temple are advocates of using technology to maximise engagement and HS2 clearly saw the value in using this technology to make the technical information more accessible to a wider audience.

Temple has been involved in HS2 since it began in 2009 and continues to provide the project with cutting-edge services and a wealth of experience.  Currently engaged with the project over a variety of contracts and both phases of the scheme, the Digital Delivery team starts the New Year with the ambition to deliver even more innovation for the benefit of the project. Temple’s involvement on the Working Draft ES Navigator is testament to their continued drive to offer innovative solutions to all its clients.