Project High Speed Two (HS2) Client HS2 Limited Service Technical Appraisal of Sustainability and Environmental Impact Assessment support Project period 2009 – Ongoing

Project outline

High Speed Two (HS2) is on track to deliver the next generation of high speed rail for the UK, with dedicated high speed lines to be built between London and the West Midlands (Phase 1). Connections to existing mainlines in both phases will extend the benefits of this new infrastructure to rail users across the UK. HS2 Ltd, established in 2009, has developed these proposals to meet the UK’s need for sustainable rail capacity and services into the future. Temple worked on the Appraisal of Sustainability as well as providing a range of other Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)  work.

Our role

We have been involved in HS2 since it began in 2009 and are the longest running environmental services consultant on the project, delivering a range of services for both Phase 1 and Phase 2. We worked alongside HS2 Ltd to develop route options, support an extensive public consultation programme and produce an Appraisal of Sustainability (AoS) report (2009-2012) for Phase 1. We subsequently took a lead role in a consortium selected to conduct the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of more than 55% of the selected Phase 1 route, producing an Environmental Statement (ES) based on this work (2012-2014) and we continue to support HS2 Ltd through the Hybrid Bill committee processes (2015-present). We have simultaneously led on the Phase 2 option selection and AoS (2011-present).

Our services

  • Project management and consortium leadership to deliver key sustainability, planning and environmental support for both Phase 1 and Phase 2.
  • Technical AoS and EIA support, including acoustics, air quality, community, ecology, greenhouse gas, town planning, townscape/landscape and visual, waste, and water.

Our value

  • We have provided thought leadership and core project management throughout the process; including numerous exhibitions, meetings and ongoing support for the Phase 1 Hybrid Bill.
  • We have been innovative in developing an effective and efficient AoS framework; using GIS to develop a highly efficient Route Appraisal Processing Tool (RAPT).
  • We have managed and conducted many thousands of field surveys across hundreds of kilometres of both phases of the route.