Temple’s Sustainability Update

02.05.2024 2 min read

Sustainability at Temple

As part of our Sustainability Strategy, more information here and our commitment to transparency we are currently writing our latest Sustainability Impact Report for 2023.

The report also acts as our impact report for our B Corp certification, acting as our impact report.  As ever with SME’s the resource constraints mean it is taking a bit longer than we hoped, but it should be ready soon and we will let you know once it’s done.

B Corp month – March 2024

March was UK B Corp month and focussed on raising the profile of the movement and community.  This year’s theme was ‘This Way Forward’ reflecting on the journey of progress. For more information on the month and some of the activities see Celebrating Collaboration: reflecting on B Corp Month 2024 in the UK (bcorporation.uk)

At Temple, we used the month to reflect on the 15 months since our certification and to encourage all employees to become more actively engaged (i.e. This Way Forward). As well as this we celebrated working for a B Corp and why is so appealing, knowing the company you are working for cares about how it affects the world around it,

With Yellow Sub Geo we also kicked off our plans for another Beyond the Tick Box event in Cardiff in June. This follows on from last year’s event and is a chance for anyone in our network to come along for an informal chat and to ask questions about the B Corp movement and purposeful business. To get updates on these events follow our LinkedIn page.

We also saw a milestone of 2000 B Corps in the UK (a doubling in 18 months) and the announcement of the B Corp Festival in September.

Finally, for those interested in the details behind the scenes, Temple’s Iain Audus completed the consultation on the new B Impact standard the B Lab is looking to introduce in 2025. Subject to the new standard being available we will be re-certifying this version which will be a significant change and looks like a great step forward.  https://standards.bcorporation.net/en-us/draft.


Key Contacts

Iain Audus Head of Sustainability and SHEQ