Working for a B Corp

13.03.2024 3 min read

As we celebrate B Corp month we wanted to share how working for a B Corp can be so rewarding!

Temple is proud part of the B Corp community which recognises that “Any company that has an Impact Business Model is uncommon and extraordinary”. Temple has an impact business model as the majority of our services are directly related to managing impacts on the environment and society.

Becoming a certified B Corp is an amazing achievement for Temple it validates our purpose and impact business model, and it’s nice to get recognition from an independent source that we meet the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability. In practice, it will help with embedding our purpose and impact business model, encourage greater transparency, and help us identify and act on areas for improvement.

As a B Corp and purpose driven business everything we do is built around our Sustainability Strategy and the premise – Zero Harm / Net Gain, so working for us can be different.

The benefits of working for a B Corp?

Working for a B Corp is appealing because you can be certain that the company you are working for cares about how it affects the world around it, there are a huge number of other reasons why working for a B Corp like Temple can be beneficial such as:

Social and Environmental Mission: B Corps are committed to meeting high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. At Temple, our employees often find that their work aligns with a broader mission to accelerate sustainable action and positive change for our clients, communities and the planet.

Employee Engagement: B Corps emphasise employee wellbeing, satisfaction, and engagement. At Temple, we offer benefits such as hybrid or flexible working arrangements, professional development opportunities and training.

Transparency and Accountability: B Corps are required to undergo a rigorous certification process that assesses their impact on various stakeholders. At Temple, it commits us to performance transparency, both at our current level and against our improvement goals. Together we believe that recognition and transparency provide our stakeholders with a greater level of insight and assurance about our business.

Innovation and Creativity: B Corps are encouraged to find innovative and sustainable solutions to business challenges. At Temple, we encourage innovation and imagination and transcend the normal ways of working and thinking and we think about the impact of our work on society and the environment. Through our commitment and enthusiasm for exploring less conventional methods, we deliver real value to clients alongside inspirational results.

Inclusivity and collaboration: B Corps consider the interests of all stakeholders, including employees, customers, communities, and the environment. This approach fosters a sense of inclusivity and collaboration, with a focus on building positive relationships with all involved parties. At Temple, collaboration, respect and inclusivity are at the core of how we work both in the delivery of our consulting projects and how we treat our colleagues. We have an inquisitive, engaging approach and bring important insights, experience and scientific know-how to deliver the best practicable environmental or social options consistent with sustainable goals. Our aim always is to accelerate sustainable action and positive change for our clients, communities, and planet.

To find out how you can work for a B Corp and opportunities at Temple visit our careers page.


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