Temple’s Sustainability Impact Report

17.10.2023 1 min read

Temple is pleased to announce that we have completed our Sustainability Impact Report for the calendar year 2022, which you can access here.  This comprehensive report provides a transparent overview of our sustainability initiatives, progress, and future goals, highlighting our dedication to creating a more sustainable and responsible future.

Everyone at Temple works hard to make a meaningful difference, and it’s great to pull that together and explain the impact we have. Our intention is, and will continue to be, to openly share our development based on data available to us, and to improve our level of disclosure each year. Temple believes that sustainability is not just a corporate responsibility; it is a fundamental obligation to future generations and the planet. Our 2022 Sustainability Report demonstrates our unwavering promise to create a more sustainable and equitable world.

In September 2022 we launched our Sustainability Strategy, and In December 2022 we became a Certified B Corp.

This is our first report since we launched our Sustainability Strategy, and we will be producing one annually to communicate the performance impact we have. We have learned a lot this time around and will use these lessons as we look to develop our 2023 report.

Read the report here.


Key Contacts

Iain Audus Head of Sustainability and SHEQ
Mark Skelton CEO