Temple’s Digital Approach to Climate Change

16.08.2023 2 min read

The Climate Crisis continues to break new barriers across the globe – with temperatures reaching record levels. July 2023 was announced as the world’s warmest month on record, with temperatures peaking at 17.18 degrees on July 5th – potentially the hottest day in 120,000 years. As quoted by the UN Chief,  António Guterres “The era of global boiling has arrived” (The Guardian, 2023). Data can be an incredibly useful tool to understand how the climate is expected to change over the next 100 years under different emissions scenarios (RCPs). With the increasing risk of heat stress and wildfires on human and environmental health – our service offerings here at Temple can offer sustainable solutions to mitigating climate change and reducing our impact on the planet.

In late June, the Met Office published its Climate Data Portal ( The Met Office climate data portal), utilising the power of geospatial intelligence from ESRI to make data more accessible. The Climate Data Portal is just one of many innovations created by ESRI to further our understanding of data on different spatial and temporal scales. The products we use at Temple, such as ArcGIS allow detailed and concise visualisations – helping to bring data to life that otherwise would be a long list of numbers. There’s a reason why a picture can tell a thousand words!

The following link provides a quick glance into one of many data innovations possible with data from the Met Office’s Climate Data Portal – UK annual temperatures, past and future (arcgis.com). Increasing the accessibility of data offers so many opportunities to not only mitigate climate change but helping people understand how it has changed since industrialisation The Digital Delivery Team here at Temple offers a range of data services that can help provide innovative solutions to environmental and social problems- from increasing public engagement to facilitating faster and more efficient decision-making. The team’s previous involvement with the Illuminated River Project illustrates an example of the expertise the team has to offer.

Illuminated River Project goes live – Temple (templegroup.co.uk)