Measuring value on all fronts

Will a scheme contribute to the local community’s health and happiness? Will it help them earn more with better access to transport? The importance of identifying, assessing, and evaluating potential socio-economic and health impacts of proposed developments on people, families and communities has become paramount.

Socio-economics and health intelligence has a role in mitigating any adverse impacts caused by proposed developments. At Temple, we work with clients to enhance and extend a scheme’s positive impacts, while seeking to avoid and at the least minimise any adverse impacts.

To this end, for example, our socio-economics team undertake such studies as population modelling, employment and skills analysis and social infrastructure demand analysis to quantify the impacts of a scheme. The understanding and rigour we bring to our assessment processes facilitate a smoother, more predicable journey through the planning process and assists clients in meeting their statutory requirements.

This has been achieved for clients through our track record in delivering:
• Socio-economic Impact Assessments
• Health Impact Assessments
• Economic Benefits Statements
• Local authority EIA / ES Reviews
• Regeneration / employment statements and strategies
• Equalities Impact Assessments
• Bespoke social research

As part of our approach, we recognise the importance of engaging with relevant stakeholders throughout the planning process. In this way, we also can manage client and local community expectations throughout the design and development of a scheme.

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