Spreading the word

Social Research is fundamentals to to learn about people and societies so that we can design services that cater to various needs of these people and the communities they live in. This understanding can be the difference in the success of a project.

As specialists in environmental science we take a keen interest both in new research and in its link to the implementation of policy. This aspect of our work has taken on a growing importance as environmental issues move up the political agenda.

Much of this interaction takes place on a probono basis and many of our senior staff are represented on professional and government advisory groups, including National Highways and Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) Our research and policy-related activities also includes advising Parliamentary Select Committees and giving visiting lectures to universities, as well as taking part in media programmes, authoring books and giving conference papers.

At Temple we are committed to rolling out our research to the wider policy community and encourage our staff to network with external experts and policy makers.

Key Contacts

Kris Beuret Associate Director - Engagement
Dr Sarah Cox Divisional Director - Ecology
Dr Rachel Saunders Associate Director - Ecology