Temple’s Sarah Cox the new Registration Authority (RA) Chair for CIEEM

26.03.2024 3 min read

Temple is pleased to share that Sarah Cox is the new Registration Authority (RA) Chair for CIEEM.

Ecology is exciting, dynamic and challenging. More than a simple catalogue of animal and plant species, it is the study of the often-complex interrelationships between living organisms, including humans, and their physical environment. It also provides information on the benefits of healthy ecosystems and how we can sustainably use resources. Today, the unpredictability of climate changes, combined with political, legal, economic and social drivers for change, needs enthusiastic, forward-thinking ecologists to draw together the necessary information and deliver workable solutions to achieve our natural environment ambitions.

Chartered Ecologists are at the forefront of this work; collectively and individually rising to the challenge. They are experts and leaders in their fields; enthusing, guiding and making the strategic, often fundamental decisions shaping our sector.

The Registration Authority (RA) ‘s role is to set and maintain the standards set for our Chartered Ecologists and oversee the assessment process. This year starts with a lot of change, with new leadership and members. It is the perfect opportunity for us to refocus and define our next chapter, building on Sarah Cox Cecol CEnv MCIEEM Chair, CIEEM Registration Authority the legacy provided by the enormous efforts of our outgoing Chair Penny Anderson, Vice-Chair David Parker, and Jenny Neff and Michael Willis who have all been members of the RA since it was established in 2013.

I am delighted to be the new Chair of the RA. Iā€™m a full-time working parent from the northeast of England. I work for Temple, a privately owned, UK-based, multi-disciplinary SME. My career to date has included working with and for NGOs, academic institutions and consultancies for the past 20+ years. Importantly, I have been extremely fortunate to engage with, learn from and collaborate with many, inspiring, supportive and genuinely passionate people. All of whom have shaped and influenced who and where I am today.

My vision for our RA is to become more visible, to reach out to current Chartered Ecologist registrants, not least to remind them how incredible they all are; to engage with our wider sector to promote our Chartered Ecologists; and to encourage and guide new applicants through the process of becoming Chartered themselves.

We need more of you to be recognised as ambassadors to champion the natural environment. The Register of Chartered Ecologists has grown to 249 Registrants at the time of writing, but the number of applicants remains relatively low. Most recently we have made some significant changes to the application process, such as welcoming applications from professional ecologists who are not currently CIEEM members and from current members who have been at the Associate level for some time. This is proving to be an increasingly attractive proposition as the demand for Chartered status among employers and potential clients increases.

So, I would ask you all to think about what Chartership means to you. Are you Chartered? Are you thinking about becoming Chartered? Are you worried about the time you need to set aside to become Chartered? What is stopping you? These are the questions we hope to answer and respond to this year ā€“ to empower you to join the Register and to continue to lead and inspire.’

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Dr Sarah Cox Divisional Director - Ecology