Temple Deliver Sustainable Supply Chain Training for SMEs

12.06.2024 2 min read

Temple and Better Bankside Team Up to Deliver Sustainable Supply Chain Training for SMEs

As part of Temple’s collaboration with Better Bankside aimed at fostering sustainability to deliver a series of sustainability training sessions for SMEs. These efforts are part of the Southwark Climate Collective programme, designed to provide businesses in the London Borough of Southwark with decarbonisation support. Over the past year, Temple has led multiple sessions covering critical topics such as energy management, waste reduction, and sustainable supply chain practices, providing participants with the knowledge and practical tips needed to drive their decarbonisation journey forward.

The most recent session, entitled “Sustainable Management of the Supply Chain,” conducted by Maja Radivojevic and Xiangyu Sheng, delved into practical strategies for managing Scope 3 emissions within companies’ supply chains. Attendees actively participated in hands-on activities, engaging in interactive tasks and developing personalised self-assessment questionnaires for their suppliers. This training equipped them with skills and expertise to assess and mitigate their supply chain emissions effectively. It also empowered them to find innovative ways to improve their organisation’s sustainability, ensuring that they are better equipped to navigate upcoming regulatory changes and meet rising expectations from their stakeholders for sustainable business practices.

The outcomes of this session pave the way for continued training on sustainable supply chains. The upcoming session, “Due Diligence in Procurement,” set to take place on the 25 September this year, will explore responsible sourcing practices. It will guide attendees in identifying and assessing potential risks, evaluating suppliers for sustainability standards, and ensuring compliance with legal and ethical requirements.

Temple and Better Bankside continue to empower businesses with the knowledge and tools for sustainable practices. Consequently, we are thrilled to witness an increasing number of SMEs embracing the journey towards decarbonization, actively contributing to the UK’s endeavour to achieve its net zero goals.

Key Contacts

Dr Maja Radivojevic Climate and Carbon Consultant
Dr Xiangyu Sheng Director - Air Quality, Climate & Carbon