Temple and IEMA: Strategic Impact Assessment

31.03.2022 1 min read

IEMA has just published the latest edition of the Impact Assessment Outlook Journal. This volume (Volume 12) focuses on Strategic Impact Assessment and contains a number of fascinating thought pieces from different authors on the evolution of assessment techniques. Temple’s David Hourd has written one of the articles about the rapidly developing opportunities for natural capital, ecosystems services, and Environmental Net Gain in Strategic Impact Assessment.

Natural Capital is our stock of natural resources including e.g. geology, soils, air, water, and all living things. Many of these provide us with additional benefits called Ecosystem Services. By understanding the stock of Natural Capital in a plan area and its associated Ecosystem Services we can make a more holistic and informed appraisal of a plan as it develops and helps to steer it towards achieving genuine net gains for biodiversity and the wider environment, the latter being a concept also referred to as Environmental Net Gain (ENG).

Read the article in full here.

Key Contacts

David Hourd Senior Director - Environment