A day in the life at Temple… Senior Consultant, Digital Delivery

29.09.2022 4 min read

A day in the life at Temple… Senior Consultant, Digital Delivery

Charlie Noble – Senior Consultant, Digital Delivery

Joined: August 2021

Digital Delivery essentially includes all things digital and data. My main role and skill within my job is GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and yes, the rumours are true, GIS really is magic, and we are of course magicians (or so we like to think). GIS essentially involves anything to do with spatial data, whether that’s creating maps and images for reports, analysing and processing large data sets, creating web apps and maps for projects, and assisting with all things data collation and field work. No 2 days or weeks are the same, which is great, I get to be involved in a wide range of projects across lots of different disciplines and be a part of creating new and innovative ways to display and manage data.

My job role, especially in a company like Temple, really marries up with my general interests and passions in life, nature, and the environment, and protecting them are at the heart of my beliefs and I really enjoy being able to see how GIS and data can make a real difference to this type of work. Outside of work, I spend a lot of time outdoors with my horse – Moose, I have been riding ever since I was about 5 so horses have been a part of my life (and my bank balance!) for as long as I can remember.

Day to Day

My role isn’t really split into morning and afternoon, and I don’t really have a set pattern of working. It really just depends on what the week brings. We spend the majority of the time having input into the mapping and spatial side of projects across the business, so our work is always different, varied, and responsive to what is going on in the business at the time.

My general day-to-day role involves running various projects from the GIS side and supporting members of our team on their work. I manage the GIS support to the ecology team so this takes a large amount of my day to day – coordinating the work across the team and discussing with ecologists how we can support them better with various parts of their work. I am also supporting various HS2 contracts we are working on at the moment – GIS is a huge part of the HS2 scheme across the phases with data and mapping data being an essential part of the project as it is with many other major infrastructure projects. Currently, I am spending a lot of time reviewing and managing map production for different contracts, and I am also largely involved on the data collation side where we are implementing digital data collection for ecology surveys using a GIS based app called Field Maps.

Innovation and Development

A perhaps more exciting part of my role is the ‘digital’ side of Digital Delivery. I get to be involved in investigating and implementing new and exciting ways we can present and manage data for different clients. I am involved in bids in making recommendations into innovative ways we can carry out different types of work and creating new tools and platforms to help demonstrate what we can do. Recently I have been working towards implementing digital data capture across the business with the use of tablets and GIS based apps that we create and manage, developing ideas and tools on how we approach mapping and analysis on EIA, Environmental Net Gain and Biodiversity Net Gain based projects, and creating a range of data processing tools for large data set analysis to enhance efficiency and reduce the manual time that would otherwise be spent on these tasks. I thoroughly enjoy this part of my role, it in interesting and exciting to be a part of what modern technology has to offer and I learn something new every day.

I would really encourage anyone who uses data and spatial data within their work to get in touch with our team and discuss how we can help you make your data go further, like I said above – we are magic, there is really nothing we can’t do…