A day in the life at Temple…. Marketing Coordinator

04.02.2022 4 min read

This year we wanted to give you an opportunity to get to know our internal team. We have over 170 people doing a variety of different roles, each bringing their own important set of skills and exceptional knowledge to the team. 

Temple value each and every employee and know the value they add. Our day in the life series gives everyone else a chance to see what they do day to day, and what working at Temple is really like.

A Day in the life at Temple…Marketing Coordinator

Name: Megan Benton

Date joined Temple: October 2021

My role as a marketing coordinator varies day to day and provides numerous opportunities and professional exposure both within the organisation and externally. The main focus of my role is creating, implementing, and supporting projects and strategies that promote the work that Temple does in an engaging way.

In the words of the Beatles ‘Woke up, fell out of bed, dragged a comb across my head….’ And whilst the commute used to shake off the morning cobwebs, I now rely on a hefty cup of coffee after a long walk occasionally accompanied by my unwilling mini dachshund.


I try to start a little earlier and open multiple news channels, social media platforms and read environmentally focused newsletters. It’s a good opportunity to see what’s happening in the media, interesting news stories, and potential trends that have relevance to Temple.

I check emails, messages, and action anything urgent. The role involves a lot of communicating to individuals and teams across the whole company which I love but results in a busy mailbox! I also have regular check-ins with business units, to collaborate and discuss their strategy for business development and marketing. Assisting with creation, planning, and reviewing.

I prepare for any meetings during the day, from branding calls with digital creative print companies to internal catch ups. I monitor our social media and interact with any posts shared the day before.

In my regular catch up with the Marketing Director, we outline our key focus areas, discussing ideas and strategy. We also consider what’s in the pipeline with content, branding, and events. Analysing progress made and reviewing our aims and objectives.

I break for lunch and get outside for a quick run and some fresh air!


Typically, I use this time to plan and action notes from meetings and prepare the posts for our social media accounts. By combining information and news from across our teams into posts, which communicate our work most effectively for each platform. I check emails throughout the afternoon and respond to queries, often having calls to gather content and help with branding.

My role involves regularly speaking with external contacts for future events and exhibition opportunities. Temple works across a variety of sectors so one of my jobs is to establish which events will be beneficial for us to attend or exhibit at.

I am most productive and creative in the afternoon; using this time to work on campaigns or ideas. This is often content writing for the website and social media or preparation for event invites.

My current focus is tracking our media insights and digital presence, utilising analytics tools to measure the engagement and identify trends. We have recently launched our new brand and website, so we want to make sure all the content we share externally is performing well and attracting people to our website. Enabling me to report, monitor, and set objectives to improve this going forward.

Finally, I post updates to our social media. Engagement is best at this time, ensuring maximum exposure. I add projects to the content plan and schedule meetings accordingly. Finish up on emails and plan the following day.

No two days run the same. I really like the range of projects and the autonomy within the role. In the first few months, I have particularly enjoyed coordinating several in person events, writing content for our internal monthly newsletter, and participating in the Women in Temple and Volunteering committees. I am looking forward to seeing how these committees grow, build on my technical knowledge, and develop my external communications.


Key Contacts

Carla Stokes Marketing Director