Meridian Water

Strategy Development and Change Management | Client London Borough of Enfield | Project Period June 2015 - Ongoing

Building a regeneration framework for Meridian Water.

The most deprived region in London is set to be transformed by Enfield Borough Council’s ambitious regeneration project which is designed to benefit the established community as well as new residents.

Project Outline

Our client Enfield Borough Council commissioned Temple to work on a Regeneration Framework for the Meridian Water housing scheme. This scheme is seeking to elevate the most deprived ward in the capital to a prosperous city region which creates opportunities for local people and is aspirational for businesses on a global scale. It is the largest regeneration project in the borough creating up to 8,000 new homes and 3,000 new jobs.

Our Role

Strategy Development: Building a Regeneration Framework that focuses on addressing the root cause of the deprivation was essential. We focused on compound environment, social and economic opportunities across the site to achieving the council’s aims, whilst presenting an attractive prospect for investment by a development partner. We established a vision for a lifestyle that would be vibrant, attractive and accessible for the established community whilst aspirational to new residents and businesses.

Change Management: Our team worked with the council to refocus their view of regeneration and consider how environmental value and resilience, sustainable infrastructure and design, education and skills and digital, mobility and connectivity could underpin business growth and a new community, culture and healthy living. The approach brought together stakeholders from across the council and within the local community to provide added benefit through reduced long term cost for all.

Our Value

Embedding the Approach: The holistic analysis of current and future trends supported the creation of a 20 year strategy with an implementation plan that is underway. As part of the pioneer approach Boris Johnson launched the London Regeneration Fund’s first project, Building BloQs an innovative sharing economy makerspace on the site,

Our Strategy Services include:

  • corporate strategy;
  • project and programme strategy;
  • development planning;
  • trend analysis;
  • strategic review;
  • procurement; and
  • corporate governance.

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