Project HS2 Euston Station Client Mace Dragados Joint Venture (MDJV) Services Consents Coordination Project Period 2019 - Present

What was the challenge?

Temple worked as part of the consents management team for MDjv (Mace Dragados Joint Venture), the construction partner designing and building the London terminus of the most prominent and largest infrastructure project in Europe – HS2. HS2 Euston Station is a complex, high-profile project which requires collaboration and innovation to deliver the optimal output. In line with direction from the Government, the project is currently undergoing a rephasing of the construction programme as the scheme is developed further.

MDJV have started to prepare the site for the construction of the new station which has included ground investigation, utilities diversions and reinforcements, and the relocation of a Transport for London underground sub-station, which provides electricity for the London Underground. Currently, those enabling works are still ongoing while the scheme is being developed. As a part of the MDjv consents management team, Temple is instrumental in identifying, managing and discharging consents that are required to permit construction works.

What was our solution?

Temples consents coordinators work collaboratively alongside design team project managers and MDjv appointed sub-contractors to support them through consents scoping and subsequently guide them through the consenting process. Consents obtained included:

  • Demolition licenses
  • Traffic management (Schedule 4)
  • Vehicle movements (Schedule 17)
  • Section 61
  • Trade effluent
  • Utility connections and disconnections

As well as being responsible for discharging consents, Temple also leads managing and updating the overall project consents register. The purpose of the register is to capture the management, discharge and approval of all consents required to undertake the construction of the station. The register is updated during weekly meetings by the Consents Register Owner, with each of the consents coordinators tracking the progress of each consent and ensuring they are submitted on time for when the works are due to commence. A copy of the register is submitted to HS2 every month to meet a MDjv Key Performance Indicator (KPI).

What was the conclusion? 

MDjv has committed to submitting 90% of consents on time by the programme and any failure will lead to a financial penalty. Throughout Temple’s time on the project, the MDjv Consents Team have hit their KPI target every month. Temple continues to receive high praise and recognition from the MDjv leadership team and the MDjv Head of Consents for our contribution to this 100% record.

The station hall concourse will become The largest in the UK

Key Contact

Rhian Halford Director - Environment & Consents