Project name 6-8 Bishopsgate 150 Leadenhall Service Noise & Vibration Monitoring Client Stanhope Plc/ Lendlease Project Period Oct 2017 – May 2023

What was the challenge?

Long-term noise & vibration monitoring was required to account for the extended time period and scale of the project. Temple covered 5 unattended monitoring location, 3 noise and 2 vibration. A programme of monitoring was drafted prior to any work starting which confirmed the date, construction site, receptors, and monitoring period, with the flexibility to move monitors as construction developed.

Stanhope Plc/ Lendlease required monitoring data to be published on a monthly basis. The results of the assessment of noise and vibration would be presented in a detailed report suitable for submission to the City of London in discharge of the planning requirement to provide a Protective Scheme of Works for approval.

The project also entailed quarterly site visits for equipment calibration and maintenance as well as bi-annual lab calibration.

What was our solution?

Unattended monitoring was carried out at the planned locations using project purchased equipment, with cloud-based servers, so that all the required data was recorded, and therefore efficiently published to the client. Photos and videos of all site visits were also undertaken to give additional context to the measurements.

Stanhope Plc/ Lendlease reached out to Temple in 2019 due some noise complaints, occurring during extended working hours. Temples response was to implement 5 additional monitors noise monitors and 5 additional vibration monitors to identify and mitigate any further complaints. This strategy eliminated any further complains.

At a later stage of development in 2022, Temple were able to provide a fast solution to noise monitoring on the 26th floor, providing in-house equipment, saving the client 50% on outsourcing further equipment.


Temple provided an affordable approach to monitoring by reducing the initially proposed number of monitoring locations by more than 50%. Temple also supplied an innovative bespoke solution to process and upload monitoring data and reports quickly so that they could be issued to the client with minimal time.

A flexible approach was implemented towards the tail-end of the project, where current monitoring locations became inappropriate for the task at hand. Temple utilised a dynamic approach to choose and reinstall monitoring equipment at new suitable locations on site.


Monthly reports produced 63

Key Contacts

Nigel Burton Director - Noise & Vibration
John Fisk Director - Noise & Vibration