Our focus is on how the insights from engagement & research can add to results, we help clients understand misconceptions.

Answering the why

Very often formal data does not fully explain things. At Temple, we call this “the why of the what.” Linking the two is one of our frequent research approaches.

While consultation and engagement are frequently required by legislation our focus is on how the insights from engagement can add to research results. For example, we help clients understand misconceptions. This was the case when in-depth interviews with passengers on the Metrolink in Manchester showed that people thought they were more likely to catch COVID in hot than cold weather – the reverse of the facts. In a similar study, in Grimsby, high rates of sexual disease among over 55s were explained by the fact that they didn’t use condoms.

Consultation and engagement can also provide import insights for addressing social problems. For another project we interviewed criminals and graffiti vandals in prison about their methods and motivations. And at its best, linking engagement with research can help produce long lasting improvements in people’s lives.

Key Contact

Kris Beuret Associate Director - Engagement