Project name London Borough of Tower Hamlets – Compliance Monitoring Service Noise Monitoring Client London Borough of Tower Hamlets Project Period July 2022 – November 2022

What was the challenge?

A flexible approach to monitoring was required to account for different construction periods and locations. Temple provided a number of options to cover all potential attended compliance monitoring and medium-term unattended monitoring (for up to 1 week). A programme of monitoring was drafted prior to any work starting which confirmed the date, construction site, receptors and monitoring period.

LBTH required monitoring data to be published quickly after each monitoring exercise in a format ready for publishing to their noise map so that stakeholders could see that a proactive approach is being undertaken in regard to noise monitoring in Tower Hamlets.

LBTH also wanted to track a number of statistics including compliance with S61 limits, noise levels, photos/videos of any site activity and noise statistics.

What was our  solution?

Temple provided a proposal that took into account all of the options so that LBTH could build their own programme of monitoring. We were able to resource every survey due to the dynamic resourcing that the noise team has, including monitoring on weekends and bank holidays.

A kick-off meeting was held to finalise the scope, monitoring positions, programme and approve monitoring risk assessments and a bespoke reporting template on the cloud that could be issued within 72 hours of a survey being completed, and in a format compatible with web-mapping.

Temple provided on-going project management from a senior member of the noise team to field any ad-hoc queries and manage the schedule and H&S requirements.

Attended monitoring was carried out at the desired locations using the predefined survey pro-formas so that all of the required information was recorded on-site. Photos and videos of all survey were also undertaken to give additional context to the measurements. Temple developed a procedure for quickly processing and uploading all of this information to the cloud to satisfy the quick turnaround required by LBTH.


Temple provided a flexible approach to monitoring and an innovative bespoke solution to process and upload surveys quickly so that they could be uploaded to the LBTH web map. Using the data and metarecorded on-site, additional statistics and insights could be gathered from the data in terms of compliance from each site. Any site that were not compliant with their S61s were flagged to LBTH and allowed them to have an understanding of how contractors comply with LBTH’s CoCP and S61 consents.

Survey data uploaded 2GB

Key Contacts

Nigel Burton Director - Noise & Vibration
John Fisk Director - Noise & Vibration