Project name Holborn Links Estate - T5281(& T9610) Service Preliminary Plant Noise Assessment Client Thornton Reynolds Project Period March 2021 – June 2023

What was the challenge?

Temple was instructed to carry out a preliminary plant noise assessment to determine the impact on nearby noise sensitive receptors and, if necessary, to provide outline mitigation measures for further noise attenuation. 6 unattended noise surveys were carried out to determine the background noise levels. This consisted of 2 monitors set up on each roof at 3 different locations.

A model was developed in CadnaA to determine the impact of proposed plant on the background noise levels.

The project was subsequently split into three separate projects to aid in the planning application process. These consisted of 20-21 Southampton Place, 22 Southampton Place and 46-47 Bloomsbury Square. The reports would need to consider the individual noise levels of the proposed plant as well as the cumulative noise levels of the three redevelopments.

What was our solution?

Temple remained in close contact with Thornton Reynolds and Camden Council to ensure that the three redevelopments were split correctly and that they were satisfied that our measurement positions were representative of the prevailing noise conditions.

The short timeframe of the project meant that Temple had to design an efficient surveying methodology. This consisted of installing, uninstalling, relocating and then installing 2 unattended monitors sequentially over 12 days at each of the 3 rooftops. This approach led to a prompt completion of the surveying at all of the sites.

The CadnaA model allowed Temple to provide three options for noise attenuation to Thornton Reynolds which would allow them to be flexible in their mitigation approach. They consisted of moving the condensers away from the roof edge, installation of acoustic screening or a hybrid of the two. Temple was also able to quickly and easily update the model to account for any additional plant or changes to the scheme.


Temple’s promptly provided Thornton Reynolds with the three reports for the redevelopments. Providing the results of the individual plant noise assessments as well as the cumulative noise levels, ensured that the target noise levels would be met and also aided Thornton Reynolds in their planning submission.

The project is now due to be submitted for planning to the local council.

Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment

Key Contacts

Nigel Burton Director - Noise & Vibration
John Fisk Director - Noise & Vibration