Project Devonshire Grove Client Barkwest Limited Service EIA & ES Management and Coordination Project Period April 2019 - February 2022 Location London
“In coordinating the Environmental Impact Assessment, we found that Temple took a commercial yet robust approach to overcome challenges in a practical and efficient manner. This resulted in a smooth determination process, efficiently addressing consultation responses to achieve this fantastic outcome.”

Fred Drabble, Planning Director

Shaw Corporation

Project Outline

The proposed development was for a residential led mixed-use scheme to provide 565 residential units, 4700 m2 of employment floorspace in 5 buildings: including a 39-storey tower stepping down to 22, 12, 10, 3 storeys. Temple were appointed to complete the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Management and Coordination

The proposed development is to be located on an old industrial site, fronting onto Old Kent Road, with surrounding residential and commercial receptors. Challenges included championing proportionate assessment, identifying risks, and suitably managing them early on in the project supporting the design team to ensure environmental considerations were embedded into the scheme, and developing mitigation strategies where required. The scheme presented design challenges to manage and mitigate noise, air quality, odour effects, and potential traffic effects. 

Our Role 

Early and regular consultation with key stakeholders enabled a proportionate approach to the  EIA to be achieved with mitigation identified and embedded into the design and strategy early in the process. This allowed the ES to be streamlined and focus on the main issues.  

Our Services

Temple was appointed to coordinate, manage, and produce the Environmental Statement and undertake technical assessments for ecology, arboriculture, socio-economics, air quality, and Code of Construction Practice. 

Our Value

The client successfully achieved a resolution to grant at planning committee in June 2020 and full planning permission in February 2022. 

The experienced EIA team were responsive to client needs, identifying risks and suitably managing them early in the project. Our in-house socio-economics and air quality consultants provided senior-level insights and expert advice, especially with regard to the potential odour impacts associated with the adjacent Integrated Waste Management Facility (IWMF), alongside ecological expertise from our ecology team. A flexible approach from the EIA team enabled us to efficiently manage and deal with changes to project scope without delay to project submission.  

new homes 565
affordable housing 41%
publicly accessible open space 5,158 m2

Key Contacts

James Sanders Senior Director - Environment & Planning
Charlie Irwin Principal Consultant - Environment