We have the expertise

We recognise that every Project and Programme is different and we understand that services may need to be tailored to the specific circumstances, challenges and issues in each case. To this end, our Environment & Ecology Specialists in-house service offering ensures we can bring an insightful, integrated and holistic approach to our clients and partners focused on creating the best environmental, economic and social outcomes for our clients, our partners and our communities.

We are used to working with clients in different ways, sometimes as part of the client team and/or as a strategic partner including procurement, in other cases as part of an independent and objective review, or as part of the delivery team. In such cases, we are used to working with other consultants/design teams and have built up many enduring partnerships over the years.

How can we best evidence this

All of our services can be provided as a “stand-alone” offering, or as a customised offer, with a combination of services to suit a client’s project or scheme requirements. We can work with Clients, either client side or as part of the delivery team. In all cases, Temple values are at the core of what we offer, and why we do what we do.

We have worked on a huge number of projects and programmes, both large and small. Correspondingly, we have worked with many different clients, from Government, to public sector including local authorities, transport and development bodies and those in the private sector. We have also operated across all regions in the UK.

Our experience with regional and statutory bodies and others, means we bring important insights on likely contentious issues from the outset and can be proactive in distilling and resolving these key issues as part of the planning process and help secure the best practicable environmental outcomes.

We are known for the depth and breadth of our technical expertise in Ecology and Biodiversity, Arboriculture and Green Infrastructure, as well as Air Quality and Odour and Noise and Vibration. Within these environmental specialisms we provide a comprehensive range of service types including:

  • Surveys, monitoring and audits
  • Modelling, assessment and design
  • Strategy, policy, consulting and expert witness work

Our approach to Environmental Specialist Services

Temple specialists offer a full range of environmental services. We leverage our network of associates and like-minded professional partners to blend local presence with industry leading global experience and understanding. As we continue to grow, we continue to explore opportunities to further expand our presence to be closer to the clients we work with and projects we work on.

Key Contacts

John Fisk Director - Noise & Vibration
Nigel Burton Director - Noise & Vibration
Dr Xiangyu Sheng Director - Air Quality, Climate & Carbon
Rhian Halford Director - Environment & Consents
Dr Sarah Cox Divisional Director - Ecology