International Bat Night

26.08.2023 2 min read

International bat night is an annual celebration of bats that is recognised in over 30 countries. Here in the UK, we celebrate alongside local bat trusts with many groups holding public events over the two days. Groups will host all sorts of events designed to inspire the public to connect with bats, however, the most hands-on and commonly attended event is a bat walk 

Bat walks are a great opportunity to get batty with industry leads and passionate experts. They are usually free or highly subsidised events where people can explore some of the UK’s most prestigious bat sites. An expert in bat ecology will take you around a site with a bat detector, infrared camera, or even night vision goggles to show you bats in action as they forage the local habitat. Your leading bat expert will explain everything associated with the bats as you witness them fluttering in front of your eyes. You will learn about their foraging habits, local environment, breeding trends, and much, much more.  

One of our leading bat specialists and principal ecologist Jess Eyre leads bat walks for her local community in Yorkshire. Jess says, “Bat walks are a great way for the public to learn and get involved in bat conservation, you can experience some very interesting species and there is always a great buzz on the night!”. Jess also says, “There are amazing creatures all around you, even if you don’t realise they are there”.  

If you’re interested in bat walks or would like to get involved in any events hosted by your local bat group, head on over to the Bat Conservation Trust website and download an International Bat Night Pack here – 

Alternatively, the Bat Conservation Trust hosted a virtual bat walk on International Bat Night last year (2022). The live stream recording of this can be found here – 

Temple’s bat specialists are always here to help with any bat survey requirements you have. So, as the twilight beckons and bats take flight, remember there’s a whole world waiting to be explored just outside your doorstep. Join us in celebrating these nocturnal wonders.

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