Tuesday, 27th October 2020

‘Manctopia’ – The Social Value of Mixed Communities in Manchester and Beyond

Greater Manchester has been in the news recently following Mayor Andy Burnham’s showdown with Central Government over Tier 3 status. However, the city has been attracting attention for more than just the COVID-19 crisis. Since 2017 Manchester has been undergoing a property boom, with 2019 seeing the highest delivery levels of finished units since 2006. Questions have been raised locally about affordability, gentrification and who these communities are really for.

The BBC programme ‘Manctopia’ highlighted these issues, with changing communities being the focal point. Featured city centre developer, Capital and Centric, highlighted their vision to create homes for ‘real people and real communities’. Tim Heatley, co-founder of Capital and Centric, revealed that he was planning to fulfil this mission by promoting owner occupation and restricting buyers using assured short-hold tenancies.

Temple believes that developments which have a mix of tenures and provide accessible public infrastructure offer a range of social value and economic benefits that have the potential to contribute significantly to the success of sustainable communities.

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