Project name Data Centre Plant Noise Assessment Service Plant Noise Modelling Client Bryden Wood Project Period October 2023 – February 2024

What was the challenge?

Temple was appointed to support the agnostic design of a two-storey 20MW Data Centre containing four 5MW Data Halls. The acoustic support required external plant noise levels to be predicted at regular intervals around the site boundary at over 300 receiver points.

A large quantity of externally located noise generating plant items was proposed to maintain the climate controlled internal server room conditions and provide backup power in the event of emergencies. The proposed plant types included generators, transformers, air handling units, condensers, heat pumps and extract fans.

The scope required the assessment of two separate building designs, three mitigation options, and six operating scenarios totalling 36 variations. The combination of a high number of model variants, noise sources and receiver points produced extensive results tables, which required efficient analysis to display key results in a suitable and digestible format.

What was our solution?

Temple’s award-winning Noise and Vibration team are experienced in environmental noise modelling software and developed the data centre campus model using architectural drawing files. The noise source types were also considered based on their directional characteristics. An approach to modelling the effect of acoustic louvres was also required to capture the effects of the proposed mitigation.

Ensuring clear communication with the client was crucial to implementing changes as the design progressed, identifying potential obstacles, and aligning on the technical approach.

Temple developed custom made processing spreadsheets to automate the production of results tables providing an easy to interpret summary of the results.

What was the conclusion?                 

As no specific receiver points were designated due to the agnostic design, equal consideration to all locations was required. Temple was able to identify key plant items causing exceedances and provide advice on targeted mitigation options.

The modelling was summarised in two technical reports (one for each building design) containing tabulated data, a summary of worst-case results, the highest contributing plant items and noise contour plots with extensive coverage away from the site boundary.

On a project with a complex and evolving design, our personable approach and continued communications with the client and design team helped Temple keep up to date with project requirements and provide a detailed assessment with results and conclusions in a format fit for use by the client.

Noise sources per model file 422


Good quality outputs on time. Very happy with the proactive and transparent attitude. Also quite reactive positively to change requests.” Urko Anorga Recarte, Director


Key Contacts

John Fisk Director - Noise & Vibration
Nigel Burton Director - Noise & Vibration