Thursday, 17th December 2020

We are becoming one business

We are pleased to share that Temple, The Ecology Consultancy, Arbeco, and the Temple Group Management are embarked on an exciting business change programme.

As part of this transformation, we will come together as one trading entity to be known as The Temple Group. There is no change in the ownership of the companies, and we will be retaining our market facing brands in the short-term.

As one business, we will deliver more value to our clients, simplify our presence in the market, and fully leverage the strength and synergies of the group of companies that make-up The Temple Group.

Many of the initial steps required to achieve this change are relatively minor, with most involving internal change, including the TUPE transfer of staff into the one trading entity.

For now, we anticipate any changes affecting the day to day running of the business will be limited,  you will still be dealing with the same people, teams and offices and receiving the same high quality of service.

We will be sharing more information in the New Year and throughout the programme. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, we would be happy to engage with you.

Please direct any queries to