Thursday, 3rd May 2018

Temple’s People – Nigel Burton, Technical Director – Acoustics

Nigel Burton joined Temple in January as a Technical Director for our Acoustics team. With an extensive career in acoustics, we met with Nigel to find out what drew him to a career in acoustics and why he wanted to join the Temple team.

What first drew you to a career in acoustics?

Having worked as a sound engineer for drama productions at school and volunteering at my local hospital radio station, I decided to pursue a degree in Audio Technology at the University of Salford. As well as playing around in studios and learning how microphones and loudspeakers work, I also learnt how noise can affect our everyday lives. While at Salford, I undertook an industrial placement with the RAF’s Noise and Vibration Division where I was fortunate enough to work on projects such as the Eurofighter (Typhoon) and to travel to Canada for a NATO noise trial. These experiences led me to pursue a career in acoustic consultancy which I’m still enjoying nearly 20 years later.

What knowledge and experience are you most looking forward to applying to projects at Temple?

Temple already has a great reputation in environmental and infrastructure noise and I’m looking to develop our architectural acoustics capabilities. I am an active member of the Institute of Acoustics (IOA), through which I became a Chartered Engineer, and have recently become a Board Member of the Association of Noise Consultants (ANC). My engagement with the IOA and the ANC both help me to keep up to date with innovations in the industry. While I have experience in environmental acoustics, my focus over the last decade has been on the acoustics of buildings. I’ve had the opportunity to be responsible for acoustics on projects such as St Pancras Chambers (hotel and residential), 5 Canada Square (commercial office fit-out for Thomson Reuters), Bristol Royal Infirmary Cardio-Thoracic Centre (healthcare), numerous schools and Middlesbrough and Hastings Colleges (education). In addition to my work in the UK, I also spent a couple of years working in Australia which helped broaden my horizons on the role of acoustic consultancy further afield.

What was the draw for you to want to work at Temple?

The opportunity to get involved in such prestigious projects as HS2 and Crossrail 2 was certainly a factor as was the feel and energy of an independent consultancy. I’m enjoying working with Dani Fiumicelli again (his knowledge of acoustic case law still blows my mind) and the rest of the team have great skills and are passionate about acoustics. Temple has a great family feel and although I’m still relatively new, I can already see how my colleagues are striving to ‘walk the walk’ in terms of our environmental impact and how to minimise it.

Many thanks and warm welcome to Nigel. See our key people page for more information about our team.