Wednesday, 4th October 2017

Temple’s People – James Sanders, Technical Director, EIA Property team

Temple are delighted to introduce our newest Technical Director, James Sanders, who joined our EIA property team at the end of August. We caught up with James to find out a bit more about his career path and what drew him to working with us.

What first drew you to a career in the environmental sector?

 My bachelor’s degree was in environmental management and specialised in environmental impact assessment (EIA), which opened my eyes to the world of sustainability and corporate responsibility. I saw it as an interesting, diverse and rewarding career path with the opportunity to work in a number of different sectors, in an industry that was developing and expanding.

What types of projects have you worked on since joining Temple?

 Well I’m very new to Temple, only five weeks in, so the projects I have worked on since joining are relatively limited. One of my first projects is the EIA for a major mixed-use regeneration scheme in Woolwich; one of my other projects is completely different and involves the coordination of the environmental studies for the promotion of a residential led development site in greenbelt in Sussex. Before joining Temple, I delivered EIA’s on a number of big development schemes including the tallest office building in London (1 Undershaft) and the tallest residential building London (the Spire). Now working within Temple’s property EIA team in London and with my experience of EIAs specifically in urban regeneration and tall buildings, I hope to play a central role in helping to further grow the team, extending its reputation for delivering some of the biggest and as a result most complex and challenging urban regeneration EIA’s across London and the South of England.

 What was the draw for you to want to work at Temple?

Coming from a large multi-disciplinary organisation (AECOM), I wanted to work with a more team driven and client focused organisation. The Temple agile and innovative model was an attractive fit whilst providing a comprehensive technical assessment offering, experienced technical teams specialising in complex and difficult projects. Temple ethos of providing a bespoke service whilst having a comprehensive and personable approach was a particular attraction.

Many thanks and warm welcome to James. See our key people page for more information about our team.