Thursday, 15th September 2016

Temple launch Green Week 2016

Temple is launching our very own Green Week, an initiative that will consist of a variety of informative talks, presentations and events, which will take place from Monday 17 October – Friday 21 October. Whilst some of the activity taking place will be internally focused, other events will be open to interested external parties – please see below for which events are internal and which are external. There are plans for the initiative to be entirely externally facing next year.

The focus of the events will be to share our knowledge and expertise on environmental topics with the wider industry and the local community, as well as to ensure that we at Temple are keeping our finger on the pulse in terms of developments within the various sectors in which we work.


Green Week 2016 programme:

Monday 17 Oct. Theme: make your mark

  • Introduction to the event from Temple’s MD and Environment Working Group (internal)
  • Green Infrastructure walk through Southwark – hosted by The Ecology Consultancy (open to all)

Tuesday 18 Oct. Theme: waste and recycling

  • Debate on Temple Group’s ability to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals – How will we contribute to tackling Climate Change? Included in the event – Talk on Carbon Emissions as part of low carbon commitments – Presented by Iain Audus (internal)

Wednesday 19 Oct. Theme: knowledge sharing on EIA

  • Interactive Bat Radiotracking talk – hosted by The Ecology Consultancy (open to all)

Thursday 20 Oct. Theme: sharing our environmental expertise

  • Green Week does Green Drinks, including the following presentations:
    ‘The future is unwritten’ – Stephen Bell, Principal Consultant, Temple
    ‘London vs Madrid – air quality comparison of two major cities and the impacts on health’ – Jose Estrada, Consultant, Temple
    ‘Smart Cities and how technology can help us’ – Greg Yiangou, Consultant, Temple. (open to all)

Friday 21 Oct. Theme: species awareness

  • Staff dress up as an endangered species to raise awareness internally (internal)
  • Presentation on endangered species in the UK (internal)

A downloadable timetable of the events is available here.

* we will be adding more events as and when they are confirmed.


We are particularly keen to have junior/mid-level environmental professionals and University students come along to the Green Drinks on Thursday 20 October. If you have an interest in this event, or any of the others listed above, please email, stating the event you’d like to attend.