Friday, 2nd December 2016

Temple’s Green Week 17th October – 21st October: ROUND-UP

Friday 21st October marked the end of what was a successful Green Week. The initiative saw a range of fun, yet informative events and activities take place in Temple’s London office. Green Week’s main aim was to develop new ideas and ways of thinking about how the environment can be protected and to share this amongst our staff and clients.

Green Week Highlights

Monday 17 Oct – Green Infrastructure walk through Southwark (The Ecology Consultancy)

The first official event was a walk around Bankside’s green infrastructure led by Rosie Whicheloe and Matt Pendry from The Ecology Consultancy. The aim of the walk was to promote London’s biodiversity and highlight the environmental improvements that have been made by the Bankside Urban Forest partnership. This event presented a great opportunity for staff to explore the local environment and the projects taking place to improve the area. The event allowed staff, as Rosie put it, to “see the same place but from the eyes of different people, professionals and locals”.

Tuesday 18 Oct – Debate on Temple Group’s ability to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals – How will we contribute to tackling Climate Change? Iain Audus, Temple

A thought-provoking afternoon debate on Tuesday led by Iain Audus, Business Systems Manager, highlighted Temple’s ability to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals. He asked what more we could do to tackle climate change as part of these goals. One idea was to think about decreasing  CO2 emissions  by having more car shares, in order to limit the amount of vehicles on the roads. The debate concluded with an explanation of Temple’s Low Carbon Policy, which aims to challenge everyone to reduce emissions in how we run the business and on our projects.

Wednesday 19 Oct – Interactive Bat Radiotracking talk (The Ecology Consultancy)

The following afternoon saw Dan Robertson and Charlotte Wevill, both Senior Ecologists from The Ecology Consultancy, talk to Temple about the components and importance of an Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA) and the study of bat radio-tracking. They both discussed the importance of EcIA’s role as a way of evaluating the potential impacts of actions on ecosystems.

Thursday 20 Oct – Green Week does Green Drinks

Temple’s Green Week Green Drinks proved to be a highlight of the week, providing the perfect opportunity for an evening of networking.  Jose Estrada, Consultant in the Air Quality team, presented a unique study at the event, which was on the comparison between London and Madrid’s air quality figures and its impact on public health. He discussed the mean values of selected pollutants in both cities, such as NO2, emitted from traffic and the negative health implications on human lungs.  Jose illustrated this health research study by cleverly using mobile ‘emoji’s’.

Stephen Bell, Principal Consultant, discussed the role that GeoDesign can play in stakeholder engagement; it would allow the public to more easily comment on developments taking place in their local area and therein their relationship with the area. Lastly, Greg Yiangou, Consultant at Temple, discussed the role data can play in reducing energy consumption in major cities such as Abu Dhabi. He highlighted that data analysis is fundamental in identifying buildings in Abu Dhabi that are over consuming electricity, due to high use of air-conditioning.

To conclude Temple’s Green Week launch, a few of Temple’s staff came into the office dressed as bumblebees to raise awareness of endangered species in the UK. This was a great excuse to highlight the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, who work to conserve bee’s habitats.

Throughout the week

As part of Green Week, Temple ran a number of Group-wide competitions which included the internal Green Week photo competition as a way to draw out environmental themes that are of great importance to staff on their daily commute to work.

The weekly recycling challenge aim was for the staff across the company to improve daily habits and become more environmentally friendly.

Temple’s MD, Chris Fry says of the initiative:

“Green week is part of the way that we are trying to bring sustainable development to life throughout the business. It is great to see the team really getting involved and working with colleagues from The Ecology Consultancy to share knowledge and creative ideas”

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