Tuesday, 31st May 2016

Temple’s ‘Achieving a Sustainable London Overground’ IEMA Webinar

On Tuesday 24th May Temple’s Katie Anderton (Principal Consultant) hosted an IEMA webinar in which she described her experience as the Environmental Advisor to London Overground on their Capacity Improvement Programme (LOCIP).

LOCIP was broken down into eight discrete projects along the London Overground network and involved works to enable frequency enhancements and train lengthening from four to five car trains with a value of £320m. Works included platform extensions, depot modifications, new stabling facilities and signalling works to provide additional stabling capacity for both the East London Line and North London Line. Temple’s role comprised providing a full suite of environmental services required by TfL to inform the design and ensure delivery of the programme.

With sustainability being a key part of the Mayor’s London Plan and a clear driver for TfL in the development and management of London’s transport network, it was essential that sustainability formed an integral part of LOCIP. The webinar Katie presented sets out the Framework we applied to LOCIP in developing aims and objectives and how we embedded sustainability into the programme to achieve a sustainable London Overground. It also focuses on how we developed specific sustainability aims and objectives and ensured they were embedded within the programme. This process led to the development of Sustainable Design Actions Plans which captured actions to be considered at the design and build stage of the programme.

A total of 126 Sustainable Design Actions were completed and this presentation outlines some of the key achievements and how they were successfully implemented.

The webinar can be found here.

If you’d like to find out more about this project, please feel free to get in touch with Katie at