Wednesday, 18th July 2018

Temple team up with Open City to inspire next generation of city-shapers

Temple teamed up with Open City to run an interactive and informative workshop with children at Open House Families on the 10th June 2018 as part of our Community Volunteering activities

The event

Open House Families is a festival of architecture for children and their families, designed to inspire the next generation of city-shapers. The event was organised in various venues and activity hubs across London, including the Gas Holder Park at Kings’ Cross where Temple’s activity was based, and saw the participation of architects, engineers, industry experts and artists. Hundreds of families joined for a day of craft and design activities, engineering experiments, architectural tours and storytelling sessions.

What did Temple do?

Six enthusiastic Temple employees committed their time and energies to plan and deliver “Build it Where?”, an activity aimed at engaging children on the type of work that Temple does on infrastructure projects.

Children were asked to design a rail route that would avoid environmental features (SSSI, natural reserves, ancient woodland and flood zones) and heritage sites while connecting cities and towns in the most efficient way, using coloured string and BluTack.

Volunteers made full use of their expertise working on HS2 and Crossrail2, engaging children and their parents in the thought-provoking task while explaining the importance of the different elements featured on the map for the environment, local communities and economies.

The enthusiasm and curiosity of the children made for a truly enjoyable and useful workshop, with plenty of interesting and challenging discussions coming from it. Children designed brilliant routes carefully avoiding the most sensitive features and maximising the positive impacts their route would have. Some went even further, designing a cycling path, along with the railway, to protect natural reserves and the SSSI while making them accessible.

Volunteers found it extremely rewarding to see the final results and the interest the activity raised. Not only they could enjoy a sunny day at the gorgeous Gas Holder Park, being inspired by other activities on site, but they could also contribute to the success of the initiative.

Thank you Open City for having us!