Friday, 24th April 2015

LOCIP nominated for an ICE London Civil Engineering Award

London Overground Capacity Improvement Programme (LOCIP), which successfully delivered 5-car trains on the East London Line in November 2014, has been shortlisted for the ICE London Civil Engineering Awards.

The challenging project utilised innovative engineering and exceptional project management to increase the capacity of the line by 25% within just 20 months of TfL Board approval. The project presented the enormous challenge of squeezing an extra 23m of train into platforms and building and modifying key infrastructure, including the signalling system, whilst keeping daily passenger journeys as normal as possible. A complex multi-discipline integrated design was developed with input from 7 design houses, resulting in over 900 designs being produced and accepted for construction.

Temple is currently working as the Environmental Advisor on the LOCIP, providing advice on all aspects regarding environmental impacts and opportunities, planning strategy and helping to ensure that sustainability was prioritised throughout the project. Temple developed project sustainability aims and objectives early in the programme which provided a framework to deliver the requirements of TfL and led to the development of bespoke Sustainable Design Action Plans and KPI dashboards for each of the eight work packages. Temple identified practical sustainable actions through design, evaluated and implemented during construction to integrate the actions into design and translate, through procurement, actions for the contractors. By engaging early, Temple has enabled the design team to explore options, mitigate risks and enabled the integration of new innovative techniques and identify further opportunities for innovation. These SDAPs and KPI dashboards have been used as part of a management process to ensure actions are successfully implemented and new initiatives identified. Our team oversaw sustainability measures including the installation of high efficiency LED lighting, bicycle racks, protection of local wildlife, new habitats and noise management. This programme has demonstrated continual improvement of sustainability engaging the TfL project team to deliver the TfL wider objectives.

Temple’s Katie Anderton, Temple Principal Consultant and Environmental Advisor on the LOCIP, says; “LOCIP is one of the most challenging infrastructure projects currently underway in South East England. With the programme being divided into eight discrete projects, all running concurrently and all with their own diverse range of environmental, planning and sustainability challenges, this amounts to one of the most interesting, enjoyable and challenging projects I have worked on”.

The public can learn more about LOCIP and vote for it to win the Evening Standard People’s Choice Award at the ICE London Civil engineering Awards online at