Friday, 22nd July 2016

Temple staff take part in Young Rail Professional’s ‘future leadership’ conference

Toby Wastling (Senior Consultant) and Chris Walters (Consultant) were invited as guests to the Annual Young Rail Professional (YRP) Leadership Conference at the Network Rail Training Facility in Westwood, Coventry on Friday 15 July. YRP is a voluntary organisation, open to all individuals working in the rail industry, that promotes the industry as a great place to grow and develop a career.

The conference kicked off with an introduction from Paul Case (Vice-Chair) and Sabrina Ihaddaden (Chairwoman), along with an overview of the day’s activities: these were focused around finding ways to promote, inspire and develop the next generation of railway talent.

A Training and Development session followed this, led by an external Network Rail Speaker. The importance of team building was highlighted most notably through the Marshmallow Challenge. Further discussions took place to understand the differences between ‘Groups’ and ‘Teams’ and ‘Leaders’ and ‘Managers’ and how these differences could be used to propel YRP in the future.

The afternoon’s focus was on how YRP can continue to improve; this entailed splitting the 40 attendees into a series of discipline breakout sessions: Networking & Development; Ambassador; Corporate Membership & Finance; Organisational Growth & Strategy. The ideas generated are to be subsequently discussed within the discipline specific regional committee meetings.

Toby and Chris would both like to extend their thanks to the YRP for their invitation and they and Temple look forward to supporting YRP in the future.

Article written by Toby Wastling, Senior Consultant.