Planning Sustainable Development

Achieving viable development in the context of the National Planning Policy Framework presumption in favour of sustainable development is a key challenge faced in development planning.

Many consider this to be a cost burden but our clients rely on us to help them create cost effective plans that enhance the development and reduce cost. Our team work within the planning framework to deliver more sustainable projects that stand up to scrutiny and successfully obtain planning.

We work closely with clients and project teams to develop sustainable options most appropriate for the project, based on priorities, level of ambition and cost-effectiveness. Our experts seek to balance opportunities to reduce cost with policy that require upfront investment. We work with our clients to recognise how a broad view of sustainable development achieves exemplary sustainability performance as standard.

Our services at the planning stage range from sustainability frameworks and BREEAM Communities to sustainability and energy statements, site waste management plans and energy and waste chapters for environmental impact assessments.

Our value

  • A knowledge of planning and sustainability that delivers.
  • Innovation that is tried and tested.
  • Managing cost across the whole development cycle.

Key clients

  • Barking Riverside Ltd
  • Barratt
  • Persimmon Homes