Measuring Social Value

Businesses and regulators are increasingly recognising we need better ways to account for social value as part of the case for investment

Understanding and helping to create social value is important for the public and private sectors alike. Government agencies commissioning and investing in activities to create social value, investors seeking to ensure that their investments will make a difference, or private businesses recognising both risk and opportunity in the wider effects of operations all have an increasing need to identify, measure and maximise the social value of projects.

Of key importance is consistency and a shared language when we talk about value. Temple has developed an approach, based on robust economic methods, that is designed to help bring about that consistency, while recognising that what is of value will be very different for different people in different situations and cultures.

Temple critically evaluates options to maximise the social, as well as environmental, value created for every pound invested. This helps our clients to understand which options produce the best outcomes and to communicate true project value to decision makers and stakeholders.

Our services range from Social Infrastructure Strategies to pioneering approaches to Social Return on Investment in the infrastructure and development sectors.

Our Value

  • Knowledge of social assessment that delivers
  • Tried and tested appraisal and evaluation techniques
  • Identifying opportunities for increased social value throughout the planning and development cycle
Applying a total valuation approach

Diagram illustrating existing transport business case considerations and the potential for a more wholistic consideration of environmental, economic and social factors