Measuring Social Value

Social value refers to the additional social, economic, and environmental benefits that an organisation, project, policy, or activity brings to an individual or to a community.

The need to plan, monitor and measure social value has become increasingly important across the built environment and procurement landscape, with requirements to demonstrate social value now written into both public and planning policy.

Temple has the expertise and insight to support clients in robustly demonstrating the social value of projects, allowing for the clear communication of social value benefits to all stakeholders.

How can we help?

Temple can provide a range of social value services, from high-quality tender strategies, to measuring the impact of bespoke projects.

Our team includes Social Value UK accredited practitioners, alongside socio-economic analysts. Temple can deploy a range of techniques for measuring social value, including: a Total Value Approach; Social Return on Investment (SRoI), Cost-Benefit Analysis; and other bespoke methods of recording the creation of social value.

We are an interdisciplinary company, allowing for the integration of social value knowledge with expertise in planning, health, climate change, air quality and geo-spatial mapping. Our approach to social value can be made bespoke to each project, demonstrating and measuring potential social value benefits.

Temple also adds value through forming close, collaborative relationships with clients. This includes providing training and workshops on delivering social value. We have advised on multiple social value strategies and frameworks, allowing for the long-term delivery of embedded benefits.

We are flexible and innovative, staying ahead of the curve.  We are currently developing social value services in new areas, such as active travel, low traffic neighbourhoods and integrating social value with Environmental Net Gain approaches.

Our Approach to Social Value

Social value should be considered across the lifecycle of a project from the investment case to end-use. Local context and buy-in drives the creation of social value and different projects will require flexible and bespoke approaches.

Temple’s industry recognised team of specialists helps clients deliver social value across multiple sectors, including: policy development; environmental; health and socio-economic impact; and community participation, as well as providing design and planning input.

Our Social Value Services

  • Social Value Statements to support the case for planning
  • Social Value Frameworks & Strategies
  • Digital & Spatial Mapping
  • Community Profiling & Impact Assessment
  • Bids & Tender Responses
  • Community Consultation
  • Ongoing measurement & Monitoring
  • Social Value Training & Workshops

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