Green Infrastructure

Working seamlessly with our sister company The Green Infrastructure Consultancy, we offer specialist and bespoke Green Infrastructure policy, research and consultancy to our clients and their projects.

Green Infrastructure occurs and can be considered at all scales and is relevant to both the rural and urban environments.

Green Infrastructure (or blue-green infrastructure) relates to networks of areas within which multifunctional natural processes are harnessed and managed as an infrastructural system to provide important services. As a result, the quality of life benefits people and communities and underpins sustainability. For example, by protecting them against flooding or excessive heat, or helping to improve air, soil and water quality.

Green Infrastructure is about more than just aesthetics and creating high-quality green spaces where people will want to live and work. It is about providing an ecological framework for social, economic and environmental health of the area being served that is resilient to the effects of climate change.

A growing band of policymakers and stakeholders, including the Mayor of London, now require Green Infrastructure to be an integral part of the planning system, in order to ensure more holistic development and a positive contribution to the natural environment.

As part of this, we are particularly active in the practical and innovative application of the concepts of ecosystem services and green infrastructure in the urban environment, strategic planning at site level in relation to new build and retrofit. This includes water sensitive design and the improvement of microclimate through the installation of high quality living walls, green roofs, (including photovoltaic-integrated biosolar roofs), rain gardens and other green infrastructure elements.

Our services include:

  • Green infrastructure policy, research and advocacy;
  • Green infrastructure guidance and policies for authorities;
  • Green infrastructure audits and surveys including green infrastructure project briefs and action plans;
  • Corporate green infrastructure strategies including estate enhancement, management and maintenance guidance;
  • Preparation of green infrastructure design codes and masterplans including advice on integration of green infrastructure into masterplans, landscape plans and nature conservation plans;
  • Concept, specification, detailed design, planning, supervision of installation services for green roofs, of any size, as well as living walls and rain gardens;
  • Green infrastructure training for professionals; and
  • Expert review including green roof inspection, validation and statement.