Energy and Utilities

Energy and utilities infrastructure needs careful planning and management to ensure environmental goals are achieved and regulatory requirements are met. Temple specialises in providing environmental services throughout the project lifecycle, helping to establish strategic goals, developing environmentally sensitive options, providing management during construction and monitoring afterwards. Throughout the process we collaborate with clients to manage environmental risks.

Our services that support the deployment of energy and utilities infrastructure include disciplines such as acoustics, air quality, biodiversity, ecology and public consultation. We have a proven track record in applying a range of environmental management and sustainability services to different types of energy and utilities infrastructure. We also have the in-house capability to conduct or review an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the developer or on behalf of the local authority.

Projects we can support include:

The siting of electricity transmission lines, either overhead or below ground. Our services can be deployed throughout the project life cycle, from route selection to EIA, sustainability statement and construction management. Our specialised SORTool is designed to quickly assess route designs early in the optioneering stage and highlight potential impacts to sensitive areas. This early identification can help avoid environmental impacts and provide a robust report of alternative options to support decision makers.

The development of energy from waste and combined heat and power for a greener, more efficient energy option at industrial facilities. We specialise in producing and representing EIAs and planning applications, as well as providing specialist environmental services such as air quality monitoring and ecology.

The deployment of offshore and onshore renewable energy. As promoters progress projects, Temple can lead the development of EIAs, as well as environmental management during construction. We have recognised industry experts in acoustics monitoring and have bespoke acoustic tools for onshore projects where the representation of noise impacts and mitigation options can be the difference in securing consent. Additionally, our expert ecology specialists can advise and undertake all aspects of surveys, impact assessment and mitigation during construction and operation.

Assessing environmental constraints relating to water utility facilities. We support client’s projects at all scales to improve water supply through reduced disruptions and increased water security. Our in-house experts are available to collaborate with interested parties and support the development process.


Key clients

  • RenewableUK
  • UK Power Networks (UKPN)
  • Local Authorities
  • Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult