Construction Environment Management

Our Construction Environment Management (CEM) service helps clients to manage their environmental issues throughout the construction process, allowing a smooth transition between planning, construction, and into the operational phase.

Management plans

Temple can help you to develop management plans to meet planning requirements, project obligations, or deliver ISO14001 compliance. We are experts in the development, implementation, and monitoring of Environmental Management Systems (EMS) and compliance and can support you in meeting the latest ISO14001:2015 standard requirements.


Our dedicated team can support you in obtaining environmental consents, engaging with statutory authorities and utilities throughout the duration of the project to maintain compliance.

Onsite environmental management

The Temple team comprises of trained site auditors, that can help ensure your site meets compliance obligations, deal with incidents efficiently if they occur, and represent your project during events and site visits.

Performance management

We can help you manage your onsite performance monitoring, data collection, and develop reports to showcase your environmental and sustainable performance.

Training and communications

Through bespoke training and communication programs, our team can raise awareness of and help embed sustainability within your organisation and assist with stakeholder engagement to build trust, manage stakeholder expectations, or deliver a lasting project legacy.

Our services

  • development and implementation of environment management plans and systems, including support with the implementation of the new ISO 14001 standard
  • independent auditing of environmental management systems and other systems for compliance such as waste duty of care, sustainable procurement, and energy efficiency
  • environment incident investigations i.e. conduct independent investigations for large scale infrastructure projects
  • waste and material resource management
  • consents compliance and coordination
  • training awareness programmes including the roll out of construction environment training programmes across multiple projects
  • construction monitoring such as air quality, noise and vibration and ecology
  • sustainability reporting of clients’ KPIs, BREEAM/CEEQUAL, carbon footprint disclosure, and sustainable procurement
  • community engagement and stakeholder liaison
  • independent supply chain appraisal review