While aircrafts are becoming quieter and cleaner there remain serious challenges in managing aviation noise and emissions impacts

We can work with airport operators and their stakeholders to both monitor and mitigate aircraft impacts. In this respect we have considerable experience in providing a range of acoustic and air quality services – primarily to show the implications of change and what can be done about it.

Aircraft noise

We have provided expert witness support to the Greater London Authority and certain councils in relation to proposed changes to take off patterns at Heathrow Airport. This has included showing how an increase in noise levels would affect a significant group of householders in the area and how this could be mitigated.

We can employ sophisticated modelling techniques to show changes in noise levels and how these can be managed – for example, in relation to plans for a new runway or a runway extension. This can include predicting noise levels for different types of aircraft and the variations in the flight paths they are likely to follow.

Temple has particular expertise in putting noise in context for different stakeholders, both as part of a public consultation programme or as an expert witness during a public inquiry. Our work will frequently involve a combination of desktop modelling and sitebased validation. Our in-house GIS capability can be used to look at the distribution of population in an affected area as well as the numbers affected by different noise levels and sensitivity of different types of receptor, such as schools and hospitals.

We can also use sophisticated software to accurately reproduce, in a readily understood format, the sound of aircraft to illustrate noise changes. These noise changes can be due to the introduction or removal of aircraft types and numbers using an airport, and differences in how and where they might fly.

Air quality

Our extensive experience of air quality monitoring, management and reporting, particularly in London and the South East, can be deployed in an airport/aviation context where required. Our services can be introduced at all stages of the project life cycle, from early stage monitoring to predicting the potential impact of aviation development and monitoring air quality during construction. Where required we can support clients with various aspects of communication and consultation, including consents, surveys, public meetings and public inquiries.

Key clients

  • Transport for London (TfL)
  • Greater London Authority (GLA)