Better, faster, more cost effective projects

We help develop well-planned projects to combine business benefits with positive outcomes for communities and the environment. Another result of good planning, we find, is that projects and programmes are delivered faster and more cost effectively. Understanding and balancing environmental, social and economic performance is an essential part of the process.

Temple provides support at any stage of a project process and we will work with you every step of the way, from feasibility to construction and operation. This can apply to a single, discrete project, or a complex programme of initiatives, where we will work with you to build a consenting and stakeholder strategy, navigate planning processes, understand risks, and realise opportunities to achieve your project ambitions.

Our approach to Project and Programme Advisory

We can help to shape core objectives, encourage innovation and ensure different aspects the work connect with stakeholder priorities.

Key Contacts

Andrew Bryant Divisional Director - Major Infrastructure
Simon Butler Senior Director - Environment
Hannah Graves Associate Director - Ecology