Delivering a sense of place

When it comes to acquiring a sense of place, Geographical Information Systems (GIS) is a must. It is therefore a core component of our offer and the Temple digital delivery team. As the Temple digital delivery team are all experts in the use of GIS software and spatial data.

Spatial data can be the golden thread for projects and initiatives which is why we advise clients on how to get location-based insights into places and communities. Our work in this area includes a number of specialist services, among them:

  • constraint mapping and impact appraisals
  • large-scale map production for infrastructure schemes
  • spatial audits of assets
  • site selection and option appraisal

Our service extends from desk-based or field-based data capture to bespoke automation for client-specific large-scale analysis.  We also provide digital and traditional outputs to disseminate results to various audiences. Making use of ESRI software, the world leaders in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) software, we work across the business to offer relevant location-based solutions.

Our Approach to GIS

At Temple, we use GIS to incorporate geographic-thinking and location-based strategies at the heart of creating sustainable futures.

Key Contacts

Luke Chittock Director - Digital
Joseph Edelman-Towns Principal Consultant- Digital