Modernising the rail network

Thinking, planning and operating in an environmentally sustainable way must become a central part of the DNA of the traditional rail network, which Network Rail recognises (ref Environmental Sustainability Strategy, Network Rail – 2020-2050). With the UK Government’s legally binding commitment to reduce carbon emissions, the rail industry like others, must play its part to become even greener and Network Rail are committed to this and to leave a positive environmental legacy for future generations.

And this is where we fit in. Given our knowledge and extensive experience together with our comprehensive specialist environmental, planning and sustainability services we can inform investment, infrastructure development, operation, enhancement, maintenance and renewal works, to drive the right outcomes.

We have a long track record of working collaboratively with government, infrastructure owners, scheme promotors, regulators, statutory agencies, asset managers, train operators, landowners, contractors and designers. Examples include Department for Transport, Transport for London, Transport for the North, Network Rail (and its predecessor Railtrack), various heritage railway operators and a wide range of contractors.

Our support ranges from strategic advice to the delivery of specific technical and management services including noise, air quality, biodiversity, green infrastructure, landscape, water, heritage, materials and waste. Working at all stages of the project lifecycle we can provide standalone services or seamlessly integrate them into a wider offering.

As a specialist environmental consultant, we are independent from the scheme promotor and appointed designer and as such can provide important rigour and challenge and be more objective. We add value by ensuring that environmental protection and sustainability objectives are at the forefront of key decisions.

Key Contacts

Stephen Price Director - Environment & Planning
Terry O’Neill Account Director
Sasha Dodsworth Principal Ecologist
Robert Slatcher Director - Environment