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Howard Waples

Director - Environment

Howard is a Chartered Environmentalist who brings a depth of experience in sustainability, environmental assessment and planning, project management and business development. For over 20 years he has worked on Environmental Impact Assessments for major projects, including those permitted through Development Consent Order, Transport and Works Act Order and Town and Country Planning regimes.

Howard brings expertise from power, transport, waste and urban regeneration sectors, including co-ordination and management of power stations, flood defence schemes, pipelines, tall urban buildings, strategic land, aviation and marine projects.

In addition to EIA, he’s directed Strategic Environmental Assessment, Health Impact Assessment, Equalities Impact Assessment and Integrated Impact Assessment. Howard also provides technical leadership in climate change assessments, decarbonisation and resilience strategies, alongside seeking nature based solutions and seeking win-win sustainability outcomes. This is combined with good understanding of geospatial analytics, smart digital solutions and the importance of data based evidence and decision making.

He enjoys spending time in the great outdoors, listening to all sorts of music and meeting new people.